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Schmidt K2 Standard International Converter Ink Converter Schmidt
CDN$ 6.00

Schmidt K2 Standard International Converter


6 reviews

Extend the lifeline of your favourite fountain pen with the Schmidt Standard International Converter. Use it with bottled ink by turning its top co...

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CDN$ 6.00
LAMY Piston Converter Ink Converter LAMY
CDN$ 11.00

LAMY Piston Converter



Enjoy the grace and simple beauty of fountain pen writing - without the expense and waste of cartridges. Piston converters are an elegant and reusa...

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CDN$ 11.00
Kaweco Squeeze Fountain Pen Ink Converter for Kaweco Sport Ink Refill Kaweco
CDN$ 5.25

Kaweco Squeeze Fountain Pen Ink Converter for Kaweco Sport


6 Reviews

This fountain pen ink converter is manufactured for and fully compatible with the entire line of Kaweco Sport Fountain Pens. It has an aerometric f...

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CDN$ 5.25
Sheaffer Piston Converter Ink Refill Sheaffer Sold out
CDN$ 14.00

Sheaffer Piston Converter



It is easy to make the commitment to your Sheaffer fountain pen with the Sheaffer Piston Converter easing its refilling. The converter is screwed r...

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CDN$ 14.00
Sold out
Converters allow you to use a variety of bold and bright colours with compatible fountain pens. Fill your cartridge with your choice of ink and rediscover your love of writing.

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