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Body Soap Bars

Fendrihan has assembled a world class collection of solid hand and body soap options for your bath and shower, with dozens of luxurious soaps available from around the world in our online grooming store. The major English shaving and barbering houses D.R. Harris, Geo. F. Trumper and Taylor of Old Bond Street are well represented as are Mitchell’s Wool Fat, Yardley and James Bronnley. German offerings include the array of wonderful handcrafted soaps from Klar Heidelberg and Maurer & Wirtz, whose iconic Tabac is many a gentleman’s signature scent. Also from Germany, rich in wild-harvested ingredients from the Austrian Alps, are the natural body soap selections from Speick. Portugal weighs in with the master soap crafters of Musgo Real and Claus Porto, lushly scented bars in a rainbow of hues. Institut Karite of Paris features deeply moisturizing shea butter soaps while Spain’s entry is the famously fragrant Alvarez Gomez. North America and the Caribbean showcase an eclectic collection from Anthony Logistics, Baxter of California, Captain's Choice, Dominica Bay Rum, eShave, Lucky Tiger and Ogallala. Here is the place to find a natural hand soap or your choice of manly soap on a rope, the ultimate in convenience in the shower.

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